Project Introduction

China and Japan are close neighbors facing each other across a narrow strip of water. The development of the friendly relations between China and Japan is of

great significance to the peace of Asia and the world. In recent years, the Chinese and Japanese governments and people have made great efforts in promoting

the exchange and economic cooperation, especially the friendly exchange of the Chinese and Japanese youth.
China Service Center for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries has successfully organized “the activity of social practice of college students in

America” and planned and carried out “the activity of social practice of college students in Japan” according to the Act of “Designated Activity” issued

by Ministry of Justice, Government of Japan.
The project aims to provide the college students who learn Japanese with opportunities for going to Japan, experiencing the Japanese life and culture,

promoting the Japanese level, visiting the Japanese enterprises, working with the Japanese colleagues and the students from other countries and promoting and

exercising the comprehensive ability.

1. Time: Summer Vocation or Winter, Short term: 2-3 months, Long Term: 5-6 months

2. Internship Post: Basic work, most are service posts

3. Internship Environment: The hotels in tourist areas, holiday village or tourist attraction

4. Internship Conditions

★ The salaries of the Japanese enterprises are different, and are calculated by hour. The hourly salary is JPY 700-800. The salary during internship can

afford the daily living expenses in Japan.
★ The accommodation of students is provided by the Japanese enterprises. The staff dormitory with basic living conditions is available. The sponsor actively

strives for free accommodation. The Japanese enterprises may charge lodging fee, which shall be paid by students in principle.
★ The Japanese enterprises may be responsible for part or all of boarding fee or the students pay all of boarding fee.
★ The labor intensity and actual working time are arranged by the Japanese enterprises according to the actual situation. The interns may work six days a

week. The holiday adjustment or overtime is subject to the actual situation of the Japanese enterprises.

5. Qualifications
★ The college students except freshman or postgraduates in full-time colleges who are more than 18 years old
★ Good grades and performance, recommended by colleges through audit
★ Good Japanese speaking and communication ability, cheerful character, pass the comprehensive assessment
★ Work actively and hard, willing to bear the burden of hard work, serious and responsible
★ Willing to rise to the challenge and interested in the Japanese culture

6. Visa Type: Qualification of a Resident Card due to Designated Activity

※ Special Announcement: The interns cannot select the enterprises and posts

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