The China Service Centre for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries (abbreviated as CSCFCFC), founded in early 1985, is subordinate to the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Initiated by Wang Zhen, former Vice-president of the People’s Republic and Honorary President of China-Japan Friendship Association, Zhang Jinfu former State Councilor, and other leaders of the older generation, it is a national institution, with the approval and registration by the departments concerned of the State Council.

In line with the national policy of opening to the outside world and under the guidance of pertinent policies, laws and regulations, utilizing people-to-people friendship channels, the objectives of CSCFCFC are to contribute to the promotion of China’s modernization drive by pressing ahead with Chinese-foreign friendly exchange and cooperation in the areas of economy, science and technology, consultation, information, culture, personnel exchanges and friendly contacts, and to the enhancement of friendship with all other peoples of the world.

For more than twenty years since its inception, the CSCFCFC has always adhered to its policy of working hard in solidarity, going in for innovation, and advancing with the times. It has made progress courageously, and continuously achieved new splendid results in Chinese-foreign economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and personnel training by increasing business channels and strengthening operating management.

During this period, with the examination and approval by the state departments in charge, the CSCFCFC has acquired a number of qualification certificates for organizing and sending groups as well as personnel abroad for training, for organizing and sending trainees to Japan, for studying abroad at one’s own expenses, and for taking exit-entry trips for private purposes. In May 2006, the CSCFCFC was entrusted by Japanese Embassy to be the agency, which assists Chinese citizens in acquiring Japanese visa (business visit, study, work).

With the continued growth of our business, in compliance with the requirements of the development of market economy to win a name for the CSCFCFC, we acquired, after strict examination, the ISO9000 Quality Management System Certificate in September 2005. With this as a turning point, the CSCFCFC’s operating management has become more orderly, and the staff has increased its sense of responsibility and belonging. “Clients supreme, service first, constant improvement in pursuit of excellence.” These principles for quality have deeply rooted in the hearts of our staff, so that the efficiency of work has been raised noticeably, and the institution witnesses a scene of harmonious development, vying for good results and working diligently in solidarily.

Times are advancing and the society is progressing. We are sincerely looking forward to wider exchange and cooperation with our friends, old and new, at home and abroad, turning the CSCFCFC into a bond of friendship and a bridge of cooperation.

Scope of Business

◎Make contacts for, recommend, promote and push forward people-to-people friendly exchange and cooperation, assist the Chinese and foreign parties in conducting negotiations and investigation and in signing contracts.

◎Entrusted by domestic and foreign enterprises, with the responsibility to introduce technology, equipment and funds, and to dispatch qualified personnel.

◎Provide domestic and foreign enterprises with information concerning economic and technical cooperation and business consulting services.

◎In line with pertinent state regulations and with due approval, participate in people-to-people economic exchange and cooperation projects.

◎Provide services to receive foreign delegations and individuals from governments, international organizations and enterprises visiting China on economic and technological exchange or qualified personnel exchange missions.

◎With the approval of the department(s) in charge, provide services to people’s friendly organizations from other countries on exchange of visits to China at their own expenses, and for exhibitions, performances, and other cultural exchange activities.

◎Organize and send outbound training teams.

◎Intermediary business for migration and studying abroad for private purpose.

◎Assist in acquiring Japanese visa

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