◎Qualified Personnel Exchange Department
Formed in 1985, the Qualified Personnel Exchange Department is mainly engaged in the work of giving interviews to trainees to Japan, their selection, dispatch and routine administration. It is responsible for their Japanese language training and acquaintance with foreign customs and habits, their military training and their education in foreign affairs before going abroad. Up to now, over 3,000 specialized researchers have been sent to different parts of Japan. Their types of work include construction, machinery, sewing, aquatic products, dyeing, electronics, printing, logistics, and agriculture. The places of dispatch include Beijing, Dalian, Benxi, Yinchuan, Jingzhou, Changsha, Shanghai, Rudong, Rugao, Lianyungang, Linyi, Rizhao, Chongqing, and Botou.

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Fax: 86-10-65597441
Email: (Japanese)

◎International Exchange Department
The International Exchange Department, formed in 1985, consists of a group of talented, well versed in Japanese and English. It is capable of holding international meeting, coordinating various public functions to host groups of friends from abroad, offering good, careful and comprehensive services of accommodation, transportation, shopping and entertainment to friendly groups or individuals on their visits, sightseeing and holiday making.
The department is building a trustworthy platform of economic exchanges between Chinese and foreign enterprises. It assists foreign investors now in China or coming to this country in policy consultation, market survey and study, as well as contacts and mediation with local government and administrative offices. It helps joint enterprises, foreign-owned enterprises, and their offices in China, to complete the registration procedures, arranges meeting for them, and provides interpretation or translation services.

Tel: 86-10-65141298   86-10-65124927    86-10-65597442
Fax: 86-10-65131041

◎Department of Visa Service
Formed in 2006, it was authorized visa application commission by Japanese embassy. Visa department was authorized visa application commission by the R. O. Korean embassy and Singapore embassy afterwards.
Japanese visa service
1, temporary visiting visa
2, long-term visa with Qualification Certificate
Korea visa service
1, temporary visiting visa
2, long-term visa with Qualification Certificate
Singapore visa service

◎Department of Economic Affairs
Main Business
Providing consultation for the Chinese and foreign enterprises, mediation for cooperation between the Chinese and foreign enterprises, introducing top technology, products and talents.
2.Conference and Exhibition
Holding various conferences and exhibitions in or outside China.
Organizing the Chinese delegations from all circles to go abroad for exchange, as well as inviting the foreign delegations to visit China.

◎Department of Projects to Singapore
Main Business
1.Abroad Labor Service
Dispatching personnels to work in Singapore, offering numerous types of work and multi-level jobs, tracing service in whole progress
2.Interns in Singapore for Graduates
CSC established great cooperation with the large-scale enterprises in Singapore, and providing many types of internship platform for students graduating from university.
3.Immigration Agency
Serve as immigration agency with instruction of senior immigration consultants, years of experience and numerous successful cases.
Online Consultation:QQ894058283、QQ761218330

◎Business Development Department
Formed in 1998, the primary services:
1. Organizing and dispatching delegations with goodwill missions and groups for education, training and friendly exchange visits, abroad financed by the state. Every year, dozens of groups for advanced technology that is badly-needed in China were sent to Europe, the United States, and Australia, for career training adn friendly exchanges that financed by the state and it has made great achivement.
2. International Youth Exchange Programme To form The Chinese Little Angels Art Troup to attend various high-level international exchanging events and participate in famous international competitions in the world; to form youth football team to go to Spain or other countries for training.
3. Sending students to R.O Korea for education
Since we have established good relationship with many universities in R.O Korea, the department annually selects and sends excellent students to Korean universities for further study, thereby promoting the exchange of the talent between the two countries.
4. Cooperating with foreign governments, associations and non-governmental institutions, organizing friendly activities for econmy and trade

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◎Studying Abroad and Migration Department
The Studying Abroad and Migration Department was formed in 2000. Over the past years, it has made big strides forward under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and the Division of Exit-entry Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.
It has now established good relations of cooperation with over a hundred colleges and universities in dozens of countries around the world, with many internationally renowned ones among them. In recent years, the department has fostered a group of first rate advisors and consultants for education abroad, who are able to offer anyone going abroad with optimum plan and quality services. Based on the principle of “giving first importance to good faith”, it has gradually set up a favourable image in the intensely competitive market for students going abroad, which has been praised by numerous students, their teachers and families.

Tel: 86-10-85113278   86-10-65211930
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◎Sino-US Cultural and Educational Exhange Division
Address: 2-E/F C Building, the Triumph Plaza, Jia143 Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R. China
Zip Code: 100044
Tel: 86-10-8801-6741/42/43
Fax: 86-10-8801-6433

◎Financial Department
It mainly works out and adjusts the financial system, and is responsible for the administration of funds, the budget and final accounting, also for the management, auditing, and supervision of CSCFCFC’s state-owned assets.

Tel: 86-10-65140078
Fax: 86-10-65131041

◎General Office
The General Office is mainly responsible for CSCFCFC’s administrative matters.

Tel: 86-10-65270179
Fax: 86-10-65131041

◎International Education Project Development Division

International Education Project Development Division(International Education Division for short)  is mainly responsible in introducing and integrating domestic and foreign government, enterprises, talents, education and other resources, and develops international exchanges, inspections and education trainings, learning and study tours in cooperation and other projects with domestic and foreign governments and non-governmental organizations, talent bases, high level institutions, key high, middle and primary schools and kindergartens.

Through the specialized international service platform, we have successfully launched the international education exchange project of "Welcome in and going out" in various levels and fields. It has effectively promoted the development of international trade, education and culture between China and foreign countries, also established cooperative relations with the United Nations, Embassies in China, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government organizations, multinational enterprises, many famous foreign universities, key middle schools and primary schools. We have partners in the United States, Britain, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Africa, Cambodia, Japan, Korea、Singapore and other countries. According to the policy of opening up to the outside world, we should make use of friendly channels in the field of folk culture and education to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign youngsters and other countries and regions in the world. 

The details of project as follows:

1、Youth International Friendly Exchange Activities (Domestic and Foreign Travel and Research Programs, Art and Culture Exchange Programs, Art Ensemble Performing Programs, Conferences and Forums, etc.) 

2、Honorary program series of International "Friendly Little Ambassadors".

1) The social feast of "Friendly Little Ambassadors" in the series of youth diplomacy activities involves participating in the National Day, Independence Day, diplomatic activities held by embassies of various countries, etc.

2) Youth diplomacy activities of "Friendly little ambassadors" in the embassy. 

"Friendly little ambassadors" and diplomats (including: Chinese embassies abroad and embassies of other countries in China) this provides a platform for mutual exchange and communication, and build a window for young people to understand the world.

3、Brand Plan of "China Stronger Youth" (Spring Festival Gala of "China Strong Youth" and Baiji Public Welfare Microfilm Project)

4、International Youth Friendly Exchange Volunteer Series Activities (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Volunteer Project, “Friendly Little Ambassador” International Volunteer Service Project, etc.)

Note: Other projects will be updated in succession. Please see the notice for details.  

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